White owl nesting branch wall hanging with torn tattered muslin and lace

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I found the most beautiful branch, all curly and gnarly. It had a beautiful artistic shape to it! I cleaned it up and boiled it, let it dry, then gave it a dry brushing of homemade white paint. I made a bedding nest out of shredded paper, other nesting materials, and moss.

In it sits one of the two owls looking all comfy. The other owl sits on the branch, cute as can be! I covered the branch with tattered and torn white muslin and all high end vintage and antique laces.

Sporadically, throughout the piece, you will find slightly off white handmade roses.

This piece would go beautifully with French Nordic, farmhouse, and shabby cottage styled rooms. It's also a great piece for an area where you can't have anything that sits out too far from the wall.

This can look beautiful on a wall, front door, or in a window.



Measures 27" wide, 7" deep, overall length 36"


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