Tough Girl Glam

Street wear and tough girl styled clothing. Beautifully made, one-of-a-kind festival, night club, and snobbery sunglasses and accessories. 

As a closeted fashion junkie I am finally able to execute my ideas. For many years while working in my studio (in work jeans and boots) I would write down notes, ideas and drawings of wearable creations I wanted to make for the world.

And so it begins!

It has come to life~!

You will find this shop filling up with sunglasses, jewelry, other accessories and wearble streetwear and festival fashion. Straight out of the chambers of my brain, I want to fill my shop with many one of a kinds and interesting trendy, vintage clothing and body dressings, if you will. Wear my gear to EDM Dance, Burning Man, Coachella, and other events and festivals! (Click "Event Dates and Info" for calendar.)

My creations will explode with festival dreams and off the beaten path streetwear. I will be using my own set of tools and my own rules to build my collections for your enjoyment.

I hope my "perfectly imperfect" pieces bring you happiness and wishes for a larger closet.

Thank you for coming on by. Happy shopping!

Anita Spero