(sold)Tall silver fox statue

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(sold)Tall silver fox statue

Hand painted distressed silver fox with crown and bell collar.

30" tall, 10" by 10" wide and deep

I painted this piece using only homemade paint. The colors are a deep gray pewter and a silver under a beautiful paper white.

My vision was to give this piece a look that is almost storybook, with a hint of real silver fox. The crown gives him the storybook style, while the piercing eyes bring in the real fox.

I named this piece "Sully' after a friend I have who has the personality that I would give a silver fox in a storybook. Smart, sly and proud.

He stands proud, doesn't he?

The crown is a handmade piece. I cut and colored it using techniques that rust and oxidize it. It is embellished with rhinestones and a centerpiece I made.

He wears a rhinestone collar with a very old antique bell on it.

This would be a beautiful piece near a fireplace, corner of a room, a foyer to greet guests or centerpiece on a large table.



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