(SOLD)Rhinestone embellished mermaid

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(SOLD)Rhinestone embellished mermaid

Rhinestone embellished mermaid statue with handmade crown by Anita Spero Design

This measures: 16" by 5" wide and 7.5" deep. She is a good size and weighty so it will not fall off of anything.

I painted and distressed this sweet mermaid in a soft pale creamy skin tone.. I used a bit of distressing and several tones for more texture.  I painted the hair and tail in a pewter and then added my liquid gold over it. The shell is painted just in gold. 
  I have made several of these and no two are ever the same. All the rhinestone detailing is made up of vintage and antique rhinestone jewelry pieces. I draw out a design and start looking for the right pieces. This mermaid took over 3 weeks just to find the right pieces.**It may appear to be off enter. However the tail is made in a bit of a twisted shape.
The rhinestone detail is put on with the best product out there.

The crown is completely made by me. I heavily rusted the metal over a period of weeks. It has been embellished with rhinestone trim and a seahorse in the same clear rhinestone.

I would leave this indoors. I do not know how the rhinestones will react to the elements.

I can not make changes to this art piece. These can not be custom made. The time it takes to find the right pieces and plan out a design can take weeks.

This is a signed piece.