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Metal flying machine hot air balloon wall sculpture shabby cottage chic ornate white w/ rust embellished steampunk ship home decor anita spero design
Very large at: 31" tall, 28" wide and 5" deep

This was a fun and detailed piece to complete. I had to make a few repairs and one flag is missing. It was worth it.
I used a homemade rusting treatment and painted it in several white and cream tones. I added beautiful appliques to the balloons and carriage area. I gave them a rusty type of detailing to give them texture and a Frenchy character.

These are beautiful and rare to find. The designer is very well known. They are unique pieces ...Over the years so many of these wall sculptures have been destroyed for the metal. It's a shame. Balloon air ships and flying balloons have become popular on French style pillows, wallpaper and other decor pieces.

This is the statement piece that will bring so much attention and conversation. 
Beautiful any decor...French, farmhouse, shabby, urban, industrial and more.


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