Sold Mermaid statue with crown and rhinestone tail by Anita Spero

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I have been creating these rhinestone tail mermaids for several years now and this one is probably my favorite. It is covered in rhinestone jewel pieces that are of high quality and well known...Weiss, Juliana, Monet. Some is Czech and some from Israel. If you turn it over there is a heart design on the bottom of the tail.

The tail was first wrapped in many types of rhinestone trim and necklaces. Over that I embellished it with a vintage rhinestone piece that is much like an apron.

From there I finished the design. The rhinestone necklace embellishments around the neck are from 1920. They have a beautiful darkened patina, but still shimmer. 

The crown is my creation. I rusted it and added my own homemade gold paint. It is secure and bolted, which I do with all my crowns. There is a large seahorse in the front and center. The top is surrounded in vintage old, new stock, with a fabulous slight patina to them.

Her hair and tail are painted in my gold and her body and face are painted using my homemade textured paint.

I really enjoy creating these. No two designs are the same. They each have their own unique look and many rare jewels. 

This piece measures: 16" by 5" wide and 6.5"