(sold)Large white French horse statue

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(sold)Large white French horse statue

Large white French horse statue on wooden wheeled base rustic antique farmhouse ornate crown tattered muslin tail home decor 


32" tall with crown. 27" long and 10" wide

This is a very old antique handmade horse. It was actually made from a heavy fabric and stuffed (I believe with hay). It needed much love and a lot of repair. In the end it was so worth it.

To harden the piece I painted over the fabric with a gray-taupe thickened paint and a beautiful French Nordic white stain type paint. The horse turned out beautifully - weathered imperfect fabric. It still shows the age and has a showcase quality to it.

I made a crown from another project left over. It gives it a bit of an aged, Santos rustic flare .

The tail is made from hand torn, hand shredded muslin. Some I dyed and some I left white. I gave the tattered fabric a good twist in the drying period.
On top of the tail and on the neck there are bows made from old French netted lace- fabric (which is aged stained). There is also shredded paper to the tail for a fuller look.

The wheels are newer, but needed repair. They were painted the same as everything else.
There are hints of gray in the hooves and nose.
The eyes are long gone, but painting them black did the job. It still gives this beautiful horse age.

Sticking with the Frenchy look I added a rosary that I purchased from a French dealer.

This piece was a great deal of work. But I am proud to admit it came out amazing. Not too feminine, and still very farmhouse aged.


*It's beautiful when an item can be saved from a dreaded landfill.


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