SOLD Large whale statue weathered time aged sea glass patina by Anita Spero

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Weathered ocean whale statue. I created the color to appear as if it's been sitting in beach water for some time. The color is a homemade sea glass with a distressed patina. It has an aged teal tone, which is perfect for that beach house look. You can see the eye on one side, which gives it character. There is a slight twist to the statue and which brings movement to the piece. You can set it on a display stand, old wood capital or large books. Centered on a kitchen island or in a bathroom would instantly transform the room. Set on a table alone as a sculpture it becomes a sleek coastal living piece.  These colors would look amazing with in a white and light room, or space with a lot of ocean style decor. This is a large piece and made from a hard, solid material. I believe it to be a dense resin and stone mix.

measures: 24" long by 8" by 8"