(SOLD)Large pink and gold picture frame

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(SOLD)Large pink and gold picture frame

Large pink and gold vintage picture frame hand painted distressed by anita spero design

This measures: 36.5" by 21.5" and 2" deep. inside fits 24" by 14"

I love when I find these frames. They are great for so many reasons. These are vintage and made from a composite resin type. Some think they are plastic...but it's not quite. This frame is very sturdy.

I painted this in two different pink colors, which are homemade. I used my own liquid gold to accent the frame and bring out the character.

These frames not only good for pictures, prints and paintings. They can be used to frame out items like animal mounts, dolls, signs and more.

Collect a grouping of frames and add them to a wall. These also look fantastic in a nursery. Because they are light weight you can easily move them around.