Sold item Tattered paper heart with lace shabby farmhouse by Anita Spero

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Hand cut very thick heavy card stock tattered heart embellished in beautiful tattered lace and vintage crochet. It's layered in stained doilies, bundle of laces, white muslin and antique French fabrics. There are fillers such as shredded tissue and shredded music sheet paper.The roses are handmade and stained to look much like dried antique roses. I used a color combo in whites and "beigy" tones. The bundles that hang from the hearts are always made up of tea and coffee stained fabrics and laces. Some are antique, vintage with great aged coloring. Each one varies. 

 This would make a wonderful gift that would be very easy to send through the mail. Collect these and hang them from  peg board, door knobs, chairs or bedposts. All the lace and crochet pieces are vintage and antique. Much of it is old-new stock.

Delicate and beautiful. The hearts are covered with a seal to protect it. They will also always look imperfect. 

measures 10" wide and 30" long