SOLD ITEM Carved wood large flying cherub sculpture/ statue by Anita Spero

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Amazing cherub or Putti measures: 20" by 16" by 12"
Attention to details, This is a rare antique carved wood cherub statue. It is a piece for a wall or to hang from a ceiling or under a roof of some type. The shape, body and face are in excellent condition, however the color was not. I brought this beautiful piece to life with my homemade paints and techniques, giving it the look of cement or plaster. It seems to be a solid wood due to the weight. The hanger is well made and deep into the wings and body. I created the crown just for this piece. I did not want it to high, but wanted it to be important and look as though it has been there all along. The handmade garland with cross fits through the hand. The hand is closed, leaving a perfect hole for anything you may wish to add. It was probably connected to a vine or similar piece at some point. You could probably create a lighting piece out of this, if you are handy with DIY.
This is an amazing example of the angelic figures that were popular to carve from times past. They were created for churches, special buildings, Victorian mansions etc. The body has the stocky, chubby appearance of a PUTTI / PUTTO, with an almost muscular stomach, arms and legs. The legs are short, and the face is a mix between a child and adult, with chubby cheeks.
Just a beautiful well built piece. To see more of my creations and finds google Anita Spero Design
* This cherub has very good balance, it does not go legs up or anything like that. *This item cannot be reserved at this time. Not eligible for discounts or coupons. Thank you for understanding the time and care it takes to create a piece like this.duct here...