(sold)Cherub with ornate crown

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(sold)Cherub with ornate crown

These cherubs are a specialty and I have completed many of them. I make all the crowns for each one and no 2 are ever the same. I paint the cherubs using different techniques to get different finishes...faux plaster, concrete etc.

They are all finished off with a heart and key and a cross. For my customers who purchase these they always have a key to my heart. The cross is not religious. It is just a reminder to have faith in something. I started making these in 2012.

Every crown is distressed, painted or rusted by me. ALL the pieces I use on the crowns are vintage, antique or very special. But I don't make 2 of the same- each customers receives something a little different.


15" tall, 10" wide, 11" deep


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