RESERVED Narrow sexy clear cat eye frames with brown high def lenses. "runway queen"

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These are narrow clear cat eye frames with brown high def lenses. 

This set is so adorable! They are carefree and easy going, but with an avant garde twist. The frames are surrounded in large, beautiful very sparkly vintage old/new stock rhinestone trim. The stones are set in very strong, beautiful brass, and look gorgeous!  

The corner pieces are vintage rhinestone clusters from the USA. The temples are decorated as well, the ends adorned with well made rhinestone hearts on the end. 

These would be perfect for daytime wear to a beach party, or nighttime wear to red carpet events. 

These are lightweight, and the lenses block glare and are shatterproof. 

They will come in a pretty, black fabric bag with additional nose pads. 

UV 400, 100% protection 


Designed and created by Anita Spero @


* These cannot be duplicated.