RESERVED Colorful large sunglasses with neon radiant lens"Snobby Peacock"

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We start with large, cat eye transparent frames. The lenses are metallic pink/green neon radiant, and surrounded with double wide, vintage old-new stock rhinestone trim in a peacock blue/turquoise. The cat eye points are pieces made from several vintage jewelry pieces from the US, and clear rhinestone pieces from Israel, with a large peacock colored stone as a centerpiece. 

Bridge nosepiece is made from a vintage rhinestone piece from Israel.

Temples are decorated to match.  

These would be the bomb for large festivals like Coachella, to wear to runway shows, and for avant garde photography. 

Note: These are a bit on the heavy side, but hold in place very well. They do include additional nose pads for adjusting them to your face. 

 They will come in a pretty, black fabric bag with additional nose pads. 

Where these to the EMD Dance festival, watch everyone around you entranced by them.

 UV 400, 100% protection 


Designed and created by Anita Spero @


* These cannot be duplicated.