Returns Policy  Please be sure to read my refund policy carefully. 

All sales are final. Refunds are only issued for lost or damaged items. Kindly understand I cannot do "review and return". 

Inspect your item(s) promptly upon receipt. If there is damage please contact me within 48 hours for instructions on how to proceed. DO NOT return any items without receiving instruction to do so.

Before a refund can be issued for damages, you will be sent an affidavit from our insurance carrier. You MUST complete and return the affidavit before a refund will be issued. You will receive a shipping refund on damaged items only. If you receive the item damaged please take very clear photos of the item and the packaging to be able to receive your refund. Do not throw out the box. Include photos of the box. 

Please view pictures and read product descriptions carefully before purchasing. If you have questions about any item, please contact us. 


 Domestic Shipping

We ship domestically via USPS, UPS, and FedEx. On most items, customer can choose their preferred carrier based on price and shipping time.

Deliveries to PO boxes are sent through USPS only. All items are insured. 


International Shipping

We ship internationally via USPS. 

 We ship to Canada, most of Europe, New Zealand/Australia, and certain Asia-Pacific countries. International shipping is limited by size/weight restrictions. 

Please note - International customers are responsible for paying any import or Value Added Tax. Please be aware of these BEFORE ordering.
Customers are responsible for knowing their country's customs regulations and restrictions, as we cannot be held responsible for any taxes, fees, penalties, loss or damage
resulting from your package's processing through that system. 
If an item is returned to me marked "Undeliverable" or "Refused", no refund will be issued. This includes refusal to accept an item in order to avoid paying
your country's VAT/import tax. I will be happy to resend the item(s), but you must pay the additional shipping and applicable fees. Please let me know with in 3 days if
you want it shipped back to you. After 3 days items will be re-listed, I cannot refund for a refused item

Once an item leaves the US, we may have no way of tracking the item in another country. Please take note of your tracking information.
It may be necessary to make arrangements to accept delivery with your local postal service/ shipping service.



Due to the fact that many of my items are from estate sales, salvaged picks, etc, I cannot guarantee that some items may not have a "vintage" odor of some kind. I try to be very careful and do clean everything very well. I use safe products to kill any odors. I will ask that you take that into consideration when you receive the item. It is part of the vintage and antique world..
We do not smoke. I try not to purchase items that have cigarette odor, but I don't always catch it. Remember it was not that long ago that people could smoke everywhere.
I wish I could always promise my items were never around cigarette odor but that would be impossible. I do my very best to rid odors on my pieces. I do have Lupus so I understand sensitivities. Keep that in mind when ever purchasing vintage, antique or recycled items.
I do use homemade treatments and burlap fabric. These items can have a VERY temporary odor. It can be described as gas, lemons, smoke, sweet, etc. BUT all the odors do fade. Any tea or coffee treatments may smell like tea or coffee for a very short time. I do make all of my treatments. They are better and safer. I would rather have a light odor for a week then to send an item that could aggravate allergies. Do contact me if the odor lasts longer than 4 weeks.

I deal with many old items. A great method to rid an item from "cigarette smoke" and "mildew odor" is to first spray the item or lightly wipe it with a mixture of vinegar and water. This kills the actual chemicals that you find in cigarettes. After a few days any lingering odor can be removed with a solution of baking soda and water. It's about 8 ounces of water and a tablespoon of baking soda . Shake it very well...Spray lightly a few times for a few days. 



Kindly understand, at this time I cannot offer layaway, reserve, or holds. Stick around. As my store grows I will be able to offer some of these features. Thank you for your understanding.