Pink skirted wood base foot stool with rhinestone trim by Anita Spero

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This piece is a fabric and wood base stool. I covered the top in antique French silky pink fabric from an old bed spread. I believe it is a silk or satin damask fabric. I surrounded the wood base and legs in wispy vintage skirting with a very light ruffled edge and rhinestone trim, and painted the wood base and legs in a homemade soft pink paint.  The corners are embellished with a tasseled grouping of roses. Stools are great filler pieces close to the ground. They are perfect small furniture pieces that can easily be moved room to room for a new look. Put it in front of a shabby chair to rest those feet, or use to showcase old, weathered books. This is well made and sturdy. 

19" long, 14" wide and 17" tall