Milagros and sacred hearts glass dome and base by Anita Spero

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This piece is a beautiful mix of several cultures. Milagros or ex voto are offerings, typically in the form of charms. They are put on altars, shrines and similar settings. The 'charm' sacred heart pieces under the dome are inspired by French hearts which were made to represent the heart of Jesus. Sometimes these hearts have a flame with them, which represents 'divine light'. The glass dome and base lightly represent a shrine. However with all the deep meanings behind it all, this is just a wonderful home decor piece. It has no defined religious meaning behind it. It is just for looking at and collecting. The Milagros (ex voto) hearts have become very popular. They are collected by many people who just love the look. It primarily started in a few countries where people started digging up these hearts and finding thousands of them. Now as decor items, you can find them used in all kinds of ways. There are so many styles and designs. It has also inspired other decor pieces to be designed. 

I recreated the basic 'hearts under a glass dome'. I took a lot of care in designing the look I wanted. Hearts were cut and moved, for the secret I created on the back. I embellished each piece with rhinestone jewels and trim of all kinds. I only used top quality pieces. Some are Monet, Weiss, Juliana and other authentic designers. Anything new has come from places where the quality is top notch. I embellished it with a handmade small sculpture of arms holding a heart with crown. The arms are inspired by the Mexican arms and hands you can find on altars. They are believed to symbolize strength and the ability to work hard. Some also believe it has to do with embracing something or someone. I personally just love the artwork of the hands and arms. I thought to myself: " If I had an altar what would I put in there? What would I want to ask for or pray for? Well I won't give it all away. The buyer of this piece will find all kinds of surprises under the dome, in the back. They are hints of the things I love in life, and there is enough room for the buyer to add to the 'scenery'. I painted the base in my own liquid gold mix, and left some of the deep color underneath to show.


The glass is pretty thick and well made, so is the base. It has weight to it. It is a well made piece.

It measures 15" tall and a bit over 8"