Large handmade clay rosary

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Large handmade clay rosary  

 I used a homemade textured mixture in white to give this rosary a distressed washed appearance. It looks so pretty with the white against white.

I used antique French lace (off white-ivory) and weathered antique millinery flowers in bundles around the rosary. I made an antique crepe paper flower and stained doilies to decorate

the cross. In the center are more weathered flowers from France. These don't have to be used for religious reasons. You can use it as a piece of French Nordic/ shabby decor, or in any

style room you want.

Great for draping on chairs, faux headboards or over statues and wall decor. 

(Mary is not for sale.)

Enjoy looking around my shop! Questions are welcome.

This measures 46" long. The cross is 8" long by 5.5" wide,