Large aviator rhinestone sunglasses "Festival Diva"

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Decked out in 2 starfish and anchor in the center with no doubt you can see these are FANTASTIC festival sunglasses. With dark lens and all clear rhinestone pieces, who would try to see your eyes? Everybody will focus on all that shimmer from your glasses.

Hide your eyes behind mounds of very high end rhinestone jewelry all the way from Abu Dhabi, and be that mysterious person for the day.

The sides are loaded with dangling high end vintage pieces to add to the over glam'd look.

 These will come in a pretty, black fabric bag (which is also an eyeglass cleaning cloth) with additional nose pads. 

UV 400, 100% protection

Designed and created by Anita Spero @

 Because these are on the heavy side as a face mask and festival sunglasses can be, I would suggest an eyeglass chain and clips or goggle strap. If you will be dancing along a parade these would be important.

If you are wearing these for a runway show do use tape behind the ears.

* These cannot be duplicated.