Hanging handmade large moon

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Hanging handmade moon w/ rhinestone sitting fairy baby, moon sculpture w/ embellished angel floating decor anita spero design

I molded this moon from a homemade strong plaster mix that has a textured consistency, then painted it in silvery gold. I embellished this little figure in rhinestone trims, rhinestone

floral leaves and a crown. The little vintage angel fairy is holding a handmade plaster heart adorned in matching rhinestone leaves and flower. There are 3 hand carved wooden hearts 

dripping off the bottom. Everything is handmade by me, this is a one of a kind. This looks so shimmery in a window. Hang it on a wall in a grouping of handmade art or over a bed

Overall length 27" and cord is 4.5 feet long and is also bendable. The handmade moon is 12" by 10".