Grey ornate display shelf, distressed(sold)

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Grey ornate display shelf, distressed(sold)

These are newer pieces, but they don't have to look it.

I removed most of the original color and added rose appliques. I painted both of these in a homemade paint stain in a deep farmhouse gray and distressed them. For the ornate details I added a white color. The white against the gray really make gray stand out.

These are perfect to show off collections that you don't want damaged or touched. Having them together makes a big statement. They have good hangers on the back.

These could be used in a bathroom, room of curiosities or flanking other collections on a wall.

You can see a bit of original blue underneath, but it barely shows.

I made sure these had an aged 'dirty' shabby look to them.

These do come as a set and can not be broken up.

19" tall, 13" wide, 5" deep


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