Distressed cherub statue with gray rose crown (sold)

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Distressed cherub statue with gray rose crown (sold)

I made this resin cherub look like a plaster statue using my homemade techniques! (My secret recipe!)

It's got a weathered, distressed look which gives it some age.

The crown is hand made as well. I started with a metal band which I rusted nicely. I then added two styles of hand dyed gray roses to give this both a crown and halo effect.

The bottom has a band of rhinestones and I've added two antique star pins to the front. I finished the back with a tattered train of dyed fabric and tulle.

Around the neck there are vintage and antique pearl necklaces.

All my cherubs wear a key, heart and cross. This is sort of a signature thing I do with all my angels and cherubs.


15" tall, 12" wide, 10" deep


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