Antique iron ornate headboard

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Beautifully aged antique iron ornate headboard wonderful architectural salvage piece covered in layers of chipped paint shabby chic farmhouse home decor or garden trellis anita spero design


48" width by 38 tall and 4" deep. This is a fantastic example of an antique headboard that has not been touched in a long time. It is anywhere from early 1900's to the 20's.
This would be wonderful in a home or shop to hang jewelry, clothing or decorate in beautiful collections of ornaments. Fabulous behind a sofa or used as a faux headboard. I would think this would fit styles such as urban loft, farmhouse, shabby, beachy, Gothic, Victorian and even modern. This can also be used in a kitchen for pots and pans...on a wall or hanging from a ceiling. Think of just how lovely this would look in a nursery with a collection of antique baby clothes. What a fun piece to play with.

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